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              Custom Grips Styles and Designs

Handgun manufacturers do an excellent job of producing grips that everyone can use but mass marketing prevents hand fitting grips for individual shooters. The result is a universal gun handle instead of a comfortable, accurate grip. Universal factory handles make it difficult to hold the same grip for each shot. They concentrate recoil impact to certain small areas of the hand resulting in a stinging impact with each shot.

My grips are designed to fill the hand and to make as much skin contact as possible.  The idea is to distribute the recoil energy delivered to the hand over a greater area than the factory handle, thereby significantly reducing the felt impact in the hand. They do not reduce generated recoil energy. What they do is spread recoil energy over more skin surface which reduces impact concentration.

All my grips are truly custom and come in three basic sizes:

                                 Regular    Thin    Plus size 

Also my customers are able to choose not only the wood but the style of the stocks. Currently I offer three types for the lower part of the grips:

Style 1

Style 2 Style 3

Note:  Black grip profiles above - just to let you an idea of cross section of the grips. As you can see the grips have palm swell. But, naturally, flat grips are doable too...

and four types of the upper part:

Top 1  Top 2* Top 3 Top 4**
*    This design is not available for CZ97
**   This design is available only for compact frames guns

 A very common function of custom grips is helping the shooter hold the same sighting grip shot after shot without the distraction of extra effort to do so. For that reason the custom handgun grips can have protrusions, thumb rests, and finger guards standard grips do not have. Therefore I started making ergonomically enhanced grips:

All of my grips (unless customer specifically asks to make grips flat)  have palm swell as it helps shooters to better control gun. This picture illustrates the difference between flat grips and grips with palm swell. Thumb rest on      CZ52

I can make a custom set of grips for you using the  wood  type you specify. Prices are generally the cost of the wood + $60-75 labor, and time to complete a set is generally about 5-6 weeks (from the time I receive confirmed order and the scales). You can  contact me  with your request, and I will check the wood availability and give you an exact quote and expected delivery date. Please keep in mind that I will do my best to fulfill your request using the best premium wood scales available. You can also send me scales that you provide, as long as the dimensions meet my requirements (2 scales @ 5"long x 2 1/2" wide x 1/2" thick are preferred).

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For fine hand-crafted custom grips for your CZ handgun

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