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Welcome to Omega Custom Grips


Custom hand made grips for CZ SP-01, CZ-75, CZ-85, CZ-97, P-01, CZ-40P, PCR, CZ-2075 RAMI, 1911 and clones, CZ-52, CZ-40B, EAA Witness (full size), Browning HiPower,  and others...

Nothing adds the finishing touch to a nice handgun like a good set of custom stocks. Whether you prefer to call them grips, stocks, or just plain handles, just about every shooter agrees that a fine looking set of gun-holders really makes a good gun better.

Also, nothing effects the handling and recoil qualities of a handgun as much as the grips. It is, after all, the part that you hang onto as you touch off that well-aimed shot, and the part that most affects the pointing abilities of a handgun.

The fact is that a great looking set of stocks, no matter the material of choice, really adds substantially to the enjoyment and pride of owning and shooting a good pistol. I like stocks made of different exotic and domestic woods. I like just about anything but plastic or rubber for the handle of a gun.

In quality I am not taking shortcuts  as some of popular grip makers.  For instance, all my grips (except 2 screw grips)  have "dovetail" cut to insure proper fit grips to frame. And I think that skipping this step can save time but sacrifices the quality. The "dovetail" connection of the grips and the frame used in many many fine handguns: Browning, Tanfoglio, CZ, and in my book this is a "must" feature.

 I have many different  woods  from which I can execute a beautiful set of custom stocks. I will even use wood supplied by the customer, if desired. There is no problem to add custom touches to the grips, such as engraving monograms, initials, etc. at the customerís request. Turn-around time is quick and the quality is first class.

Free-hand carved cocobolo

United we stand...

Walnut grips with monogram

Desert Ironwood

Checkered Gabon Ebony

For fine hand-crafted custom grips for your CZ handgun

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